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Many in churches sing "The Lord Hears The Cry Of The Poor—Blessed Be The Lord." However, I believe it is more important that God’s People not just hear those cries but are moved to respond to them. That is what good people do, isn’t it? That is why Olancho Aid exists.

Children at the Santa Clara School.

We can compose a litany of issues that attack the quality of life for the poor, but it will be education focused on the dignity of every human person that will liberate people and bring opportunities for change. Good teachers know that. They also know that education is not just a profession but is clearly a mission that can shape a world into a place reflecting the Plan of the Creator.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or questions you may have. Wherever you decide to go and whatever form of service you offer to a broken world, may God’s Holy Spirit guide you during the weeks and months of your service, and through your life as well. May a Gracious God continue to bless those who hear the cry of the poor.